Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Encantadia: The Second Saga

Encantadia: The Second Saga is the fourth installment of the popular Encantadia television franchise that started in 2005. According to some gossips, there will be new sets of sanggres that for sure will become the next big stars of GMA. GMA haven't revealed yet who will portray the new set of sangres.

Me and my friend "Elaine" is a big fan of Encantadia and we never missed one of its episode. We were 3rd year high school then when it started and that's the start of our addiction. I will never forget how Encantadia affect our lives where in we role play and fight using the powers of the four sangres and i love using the power of Alena. We are now in College and when we seen the trailer of GMA shows for 2010 in cinema, we can't explained the excitement that we have felt when we saw the part of Encantadia in the trailer. Personally, it made me some goose bumps. From then on, we were talking about Encantadia and keeping ourselves updated especially who will be the new set of sangres.

Elaine and I have different opinion on who we want to be the new sangres. The following are Elaine's choice:

This are just some edited pics that Elaine made and she did a great job because it looks real in the first sight. Actually if I'm not a big fan of Encantadia for sure I would not recognize that these are just edited pics.

Katrina Halili for the Fire gems stone which I think can also be.

Nadine Samonte for the Water gems stone which I think inappropriate because she already became the young Mine-a and this could make some confusion.

Heart Evangelista for the Air gems stone however I prefer her to become the holder of Earth ghems stone.

Rhian Ramos for the Earth gems stone which I think she will be better if she'll be the holder of Water gems stone because I know that she can sing well which I heard in her music video.

Personally my choice are the following:

Fire- Glaiza De Castro
Air- Carla Abellana
Water- Rhian Ramos
Earth- Heart Evangelista or Isabel Oli

Sorry if I can't provide you an edited pic of them because I don't know to use adobe.

Eventhough we have different choice for the new set of Encantadia, we also have one similar opinion which is how about if GMA made an audition for the new set of sangres. Fresh faces and acting will be good however they should choose the best, appropriate for the character, has talent and most especially have the face of a sangre. And after selecting, they should make an intensive training and workshop for this new set of sangres because of course viewers have high expectation for the book 2 of Encantadia. We hope this will be possible.
How about you, what's your suggestion, comments, opinion for the new set of sangres???

Now that GMA will be doing the second book of Encantadia, I hope that the new sangres will have chemistry like the original sangres where in i think this is the major reason why Encantadia become successful. Elaine added that the original sangres "true gems of Encantadia." I hope also that actors and actresses who will be in this second saga are really good in acting because even though the special effects will be not that too good as long as the acting is excellent, it will be worth watching for. (of course if GMA can give as a good special effects that will be better.)


  1. im also waiting for the second saga.. ^^,)

  2. i'm really excited too...6 months to go....

  3. SANA MAIBALIK NA!!!!!!!!!

  4. if ever sila nga ang cast, sino c alena?..wala namang magandang boses jan..d b ang powers n alena ung boses nya?..

  5. in second saga of encantadia, there will be new keepers of the four gem....the original cast will not be replace based on miss suzi's statement, headwriter of enca,...the four original sanggres are goddesses in the second saga....

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  7. was it elaine who edited these photos?.. galing naman.. bravo! can i ask for the PSD files? just want to see how she did it, coz it really LOOKS THE SAME as mine..

  8. i LOve your personal choices for the said roles..
    i also preferred them..lalo na si GLAIZA at RHIAN.. they are both beauty goddesses..

    can't wait to see them again in television..
    hope it will be huge as the last encantadia..


  9. here's my comment
    i think for
    the air gem is:Jennylyn Mercado(becuase she already played the daughter of amihan "iza calzado")
    the water gem:Rhian ramos becaise water represents calmness and her face is so so calm so thats why i choose her
    the earth gem:Carla Abellana
    the fire gem: of course!! no other than Miss Glaiza de castro i hope magaya niya yung galing ni sunshine dizon nung siya ang gumanap as pirena coz i know that glaiza is also a good contrabida c:

  10. you still haven't deleted this blog after what you did?? you copyrighted the work of another person!!! that is not the work of ELAINE! that is someone's work who needs to be recognized!!!

  11. hope matuloy na ang second saga...teaser na lang ba ang GMA para dito..ibalik nila ito and im sure big winner na naman po tayo mga Kapuso...Fantaserye will be more excting at kaabang-abang...pls..gma family ibalik nyo na ang encantadia...